Custom Design Guitar

A guitar designed to the customer needs, it can be an original shape, layout, string format or scale length. Options on neck dimensions, construction methods, finishing as well as custom electronics and pickups

Slab style necks from a single piece rock maple or angled headstock necks from maple, mahogany of multi laminates. with a choice of maple, rosewood, ebony or figured and exotic woods for the fingerboards. Inlay options as well as luminlay fluorescent markers, fretboard binding and head veneers. Headstock finishing to match the body.

A two way truss rod and carbon fibre reinforcement, stainless steel fret wire from vintage to jumbo sizes. Bone, brass or graphite nuts.

Body woods are such as swamp ash, alder or mahogany, other woods are available such as white ash and black walnut.

A large choice of figured facing woods or drop tops as well as solid colour finishes, burst and custom paint jobs.

Pickups from manufacturers such as Mojo, Bareknuckle, Fishman, Dimarzio and many others

Hardware by ABM, Schaller or Gotoh for both bridges and tuners, Evertune bridges also installed.