5 string Custom Bass

33” scale

24 fret

48mm nut width

17mm string spacing

20.5mm neck depth at 1st fret

22.5mm at 12th

Maple and Black walnut laminated neck

Blue Mahoe fretboard

Black walnut and mahogany headstock scarf

flamed sycamore headstock veneer

two way true rod

carbon fibre reinforcement

graphite nut

medium stainless steel fretwire

Gotoh tuners

satin neck lacquer

2mm side dots

Flamed sycamore body facing

Black veneer between top and body

Mahogany and black walnut laminated body

satin polyurethane finish

Schaller 2000 bridge (ruthenium)

Ruthenium and black hardware

Aaron Armstrong Pickups (flat response)

East UK Unipre 3 knob