Artist Bass

The Artist basses were designed to primarily give a sound and tone similar to that of an upright bass, but feel and play like a regular electric bass. The first Artist I made was in 1995, it has changed a bit since then! Depending on what sort of strings are used the bass behaves differently.



“Truly Expressive and Dynamic”

Nylon tapewound strings give the bass the upright sound, flatwound strings a more acoustic fretless tone and roundwounds a very organic electric fretless. A magnetic pickup can also be added to give more variation in tone.

As standard the bass has a laminated mahogany and wenge or mahogany and black veneer neck with a mahogany headstock scarf joint, wenge accent. There is a choice of fretboard, african ebony, macassar ebony, ziricote, kingwood, to name a few. The Headstock veneer matches the body top and finish, front and back, with a black veneer between.

The body is mahogany, chambered, with a drop top, a large choice of woods available. Black top edge binding. An optional sound hole can be routed into the upper bout. The pickup is a piezo transducer mounted beneath the saddle but there is the option for the body to be routed for a single magnetic pickup. The bridge is rosewood and mounted in a recess.

A volume and tone control as standard but there is the option for a 2 or 3 band eq.

A very versatile instrument.


Recently Built

4 String artist Bass

Laminated Mahogany neck with a mahogany scarf headstock, front and back veneers to match the body top.

Chambered mahogany body with a very rare Andaman Paduak burr drop-top. Black binding and sarin lacquer finish. Headway piezo pickup and preamp, custom wound magnetic pickup, john East uni pre eq. Schaller tuners.

Build Diary

Chambered mahogany body with a figured walnut drop top. Laminated neck with ebony board. Satin lacquer. Headway piezo pickup and preamp, magnetic active pickup and eq by john East.

Specification Options

Bolt-on Neck

Fretless board. Fretted versions available

33″, 34″ or 35″ scale

Options on nut width and string spacings

double octave fretless, can be extended

24 frets on fretted version

Small, medium & jumbo stainless steel fretwire

5, 7 or 9 piece laminated neck – mahogany / wenge, mahogany / black veneer

Ebony, Macassar, composite fingerboards

Partial Edge lines, Position dots / inlay options and Luminlay

Matching headstock facings front and rear

scarf jointed angled back headstock.

Graphite nut

Two way truss rod, carbon fibre reinforcement

Satin neck lacquer

Schaller M4 light or Gotoh GB707 tuners

Wide choice of figured facing woods

Soundhole option

Chambered mahogany body (ash also available)

Top edge binding, rear 1/2″ round-over

rear ribcage carve available

Satin polyurethane topcoats

Tints, burst or clear

Rosewood bridge, composite saddle

Headway Piezo system

Active magnetic pickup can be added, EMG, Fishman, Seymour Duncan

Volume and active VLPF tone control

Dual pickup models, Active eq from East UK

Chrome, black or gold hardware