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Shuker Horn Bass

The Horn bass is available as a through neck, set neck or bolt on design. Solid bodies made from Swamp ash, Alder, Mahogany, Black walnut and others. It is available with a figured wood drop top and many finish options.

The neck is a 5 or 7 piece laminate of maple and wenge or maple and black sycamore veneers, other options are available. The headstock is angled back and a head veneer of matching body wood is finished the same. A large choice of fretboard wood, maple, birdseye maple, rosewoods, ebonies, etc.

Well balanced and unhindered access to the upper frets makes this model a versatile and high performing bass. Rear rib contouring and a minimal heel aids comfort and playability.

A choice of hardware and Pickups from the most respected and highest quality manufacturers, such as Schaller, Gotoh, Hipshot and EMG, Seymour Duncan, Aguilar. Options on custom wound pickups from Aaron Armstrong and Mojo. Active preamps from John East, Aguilar, Seymour Duncan available in 2 and 3 band. All go together to produce a tonally versatile and expressive instrument.

Available in all string formats and several scale lengths, nut widths and necks carved to customers requirements. Hardwearing stainless steel fret wire and brass nuts.

Necks are finished in either gloss or satin lacquer for super smooth feel, bodies in polyester base coat and polyurethane topcoats, satin or gloss.



Instrument Name Shuker Horn Bass
Construction Thru Neck, set neck or bolt on, all string formats
Scale Length 33″, 34″ or 35″ scale
Fret Amount 24 frets / fretless
Fret Type Two way truss and carbon fibre reinforcement
Inlays Position dots / inlay options and ledsmm
Headstock Matching headstock facingsmm
Nut Type Brass or Graphite nut
Neck Woods 5 or 7 piece laminated neck – maple / black veneers / wenge
Fretboard Wood Ebonies, maples, rosewoods, composite fingerboards
Truss Rod Two way truss and carbon fibre reinforcement
Body Top Mastergrade figured wood facings
Body Woods Select body woods – ash, alder, mahogany, walnut
Neck Finish
Body Finish Exotic paint finishes
Body Stain Exotic paint finishes
Tuners Gotoh, Schaller, Hipshot tuners
Bridge Individual or Schaller 2000 bridge
Pickups Wide choice of pickups – custom wound, Delano, Aguilar, EMG, Seymour Duncan, Dimarzio
Electronics 2 or 3 band eq – Shuker, EMG, Aguilar, Seymour Duncan, East UK, piezo and midi options
Hardware Chrome, black or gold hardware


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