J J Burnel – The Stranglers

For over 30 years my preferred bass guitar was the Fender Precision and despite a few infidelities on the way such as Steinberger (well it was the eighties!) and Wal, I always returned to my first love. In fact I was very closely associated with Fender P and despite being voted World’s best bass player or regarded as such by some of my peers , I was never offered the accolade of a signature bass. Since the late seventies I have been using British amplification. First it was Hiwatt ,then Trace Elliott and for a while now Ashdown. I have always used British strings in the shape of Rotosound . So when the offer of a British customised bass guitar based on my beloved Fender P came along I was intrigued. The challenge for the maker, Jon Shuker , was that it had to be equal to the task and if anything an improvement. Well, Jon Shuker was equal to the challenge. For over ten years now I have used Shuker Basses, the P bass and now the Artist as well, exclusively and although we are in a state of continual improvement, which is part of the luxury of having a relatively local artisan, looking after my tool of work ( no not that one) he has surpassed my expectations. Obviously there is a slight price difference between a mass produced instrument and a hand built one but the difference in quality is far greater than that.
I can proudly say that I endorse Shuker bass guitars. They are fit for purpose.

J J Burnel

There are 4 models of the J J Burnel signature basses, the original signature bass, the signature lite, the Carbonlite and now the new incarnation which J J has named the ‘Zenith’. Visit his signature basses page to read about the models and how they differ.

Freddie Cowan – The Vaccines

I heard about Jon when The Vaccines were making Combat Sports in Sheffield with Ross Orton. I was using a Hamer guitar in the studio and we kept going back to it because it suited the sound but the guitar wasn’t great looking or fit for purpose. I asked Jon to make me something which was a hybrid between the Hamer, my Strats and the Jaguar body which I felt very comfortable using. The result was a bit of an unexpected game changer. The quality of Jon’s work blew me away and it’s been hard to go back to my old favorites since. I almost exclusively used my Shuker instrument for performing and recording. The sound is spot on for me but it’s also the feel of the instrument, which is the highest quality I have held and being a bit of an Anglophile when it comes to craftsmanship, I was easily converted. Since having the first one made, I now have 3, all a bit different from each other but essentially the same design. We’re now looking at a classical style guitar and an S-type guitar too.

Simon Rix – Kaiser Chiefs

Simon Rix is a founding member and the bass player with successful group the Kaiser Chiefs. Originating from Leeds their albums have gained critical acclaim, winning 3 Brit awards.

After watching a Stranglers gig, Simon spoke to JJ Burnel who introduced him to us. His Bass is made from Swamp Ash with a maple and rosewood neck. Lacquered in straight white with matching headstock. Pickup by Delano of Germany and hardware from Hipshot.

Dan Veall

Dan Veall, a professional bass player and guitarist, has been a Shuker endorsing artist since 2005.

2017, Dan currently owns a pair of Shuker basses that he co-designed; A custom 7 string single-cut tuned to low F# and a custom headless 6 string standard tuned B to C. Both are featured in the Shuker galleries and are ‘signature models’. Each instrument features a 7 piece laminate neck and light Ash wings as well as Dan’s almost trade mark flip-paint finish, Purple to Green metallic.

Dan has played with and continues to work with the likes of world class session drummer Thomas Lang, top UK guitarists Jamie Humphries and Andy James. He has shared the stage with top artists Glenn Hughes and Paul Di’anno and enjoyed support slots with Feeder, Paradise Lost, The Wildhearts, Gun, The Godfathers, UK Subs, Captain Sensible, Sham 69, Biohazard, Dog Eat Dog and countless other bands from different genres over the years.

Dan demonstrates his instrument proficiency in bands with the very cream of guitar talent: Pin from ‘tech metallers’ Sikth, Jamie Hunt from Biomechanical, Steve Smyth (Forbidden, Esseness Project, Nevermore), drummer Matt Goom (Glenn Hughes/The Quireboys) and the fantastic Andy James, solo artist and guitarist for Sacred Mother Tongue and Wearing Scars.

More recently as bassist in EON, very much a ‘super group’ featuring the likes of Kevin Moore of Dream Theater fame, Russell Allen and John Macaluso from Symphony X, Amanda Sommerville, Elia Monsef and band creator Amadeus Awad on Guitar.

Dan is in demand as a session player, indeed having provided extended range bass duties on Amadeus Awad’s ‘Schizanimus’ EP, again sharing music duties with Danny Bou-Maron and Elia Monsef on board too, but this time with Porcupine Tree’s drummer Gavin Harrison providing the other half of the rich rhythm section.

When not playing live or recording with band projects, he writes the entire bass guitar section reviews and interviews for the worldwide ‘Guitar Interactive Magazine’. The largest online and free to read digital guitar magazine. Sister features him as a bass contributor. He also teaches 1-2-1 bass and guitar and works on a number of media based community projects and workshops as a mentor and team leader.

Dan’s nickname ‘Dood’ is also his internet moniker and he is forum administrator, PR contact and frequent contributor on the largest bass guitar forum and bass community outside of the US, You can also find him on Facebook and Instagram through his profile link /DanVeallBassist

Dan is an endorsing artist on the rosters of Shuker Guitars, 64 Audio, D’Addario Strings and Planet Waves accessories, Positive Grid software, Barefaced Bass Cabinets and uses Zoom and TC Electronic products.

Contact him via his social networks or email:

Email: dan AT danveall DOT com
Facebook, Instagram, Youtube: {address}.com/DanVeallBassist
Tutor pages: and
Guitar Interactive Magazine:
BassChat forum and community:
Pro Bassist, Guitarist, Tutor, Media Project Leader, Workshops and Clinics, Magazine Columnist/Reviewer.
Find me and my social networks via
I teach:

Roger Inniss

Roger started playing bass at the age of 12, accompanying Gospel singers at church where his mother sent him (just to get him out of the house).

This meant following singers who didn’t always stay in the same key, and who frequently took the music in unpredictable directions. As a result, Roger developed versatility and the ability to improvise. His early influences were Jimi Hendrix, Deep Purple and The Rolling Stones. He is completely self-taught. Most of his time is spent touring, gigging and recording. He thoroughly enjoys and attaches great importance to delivering workshops for colleges and music schools, as well as giving private lessons and encouraging new talent.

Roger is greatly inspired by the work of other creative people, including actors and artists. This has led him to become involved in theatre productions, music technology and the design of his own equipment. He is consistently involved in new live music venues, having played recently on a regular basis at Ronnie Scott’s (Birmingham), The Fiddler & Bone, and The Jam House (launched by Jools Holland). Roger plays in a wide variety of musical institutions and is currently working on his own projects involving original compositions.

His credits include TV & Radio: “Top of the Pops”, “Live at the Paladium”, “Pebble Mill”, Central TV Sessions, “John Peel”, “Jazz Parade”, “Paul Jones’ Blues Programme”, recording sessions for Radio 1,2&4.

He has produced and recorded with Black Voices; sessions on albums with numerous artists. His theatre credits include “Billie Holiday” at Emerson’s Bar, “Keep On Running” at Birmingham Repertory Theatre, “Sophisticated Lady” at the Limelight Theatre, London, “Face” at Watford Palace Theatre, “St Bartholomew’s Fair”, Timon off Athens – at Royal Shakespeare Theatre.

Roger has appeared with the Climax Blues Band, Steve Gibbons Band, Ruby Turner, Edwin Starr, Elkie Brooks, Errol Brown (Hot Chocolate), Mick Taylor (Rolling Stones), Snowy White (Thin Lizzy & Pink Floyd), Zoot Money (Big Roll Band), Jackie Graham, Mari Wilson, Chaka Khan, Trevor Burton (The Move), Selena Jones, Roger Hill (Chris Barber, Chick Willis, Sherman Robinson, Don Weller, Bobby Wellings, Guy Barker, Reverend Brown, Sara Coleman, Andy Hamilton, Harry Becket, Maggie Nichols, Claude Deppe, Gilly Nichols (Albion Band), Tom Lear (Fairport Convention), Jim Mullen and Dick Morrisey, Adrian Burns, Andy Gutheridge, Geof Simkins, John Ruddick (MYJO), Ben Okafor, to name but a few…..

Marco Bernard

Marco Bernard began his musical career in 1978 with the Italian punk-rock band Elektroshok, with whom he released the album “Asylum” with RCA/Numero Uno/Sony, although he has always been oriented towards prog-rock.

After a period of time without being present in the front row of the music business, in 2009 together with Kimmo Pörsti and Steve Unruh, he founded the international band “The Samurai of Prog”, with which he released his first album in 2011, “Undercover”, which was followed by 17 releases including a couple of box set compilations.

User of major bass brands, his admiration for the sound and style of JJ Burnell made him investigate and get his first Shuker signature bass with some minor modifications.

He was so impressed with the craftsmanship and sound, that he decided to order two more basses in a more “Rick” style (more suitable for prog).

Since 2019, Marco exclusively uses Shuker basses, for which, due to the wide range of sounds and power of these instruments, he only processes through a Line6 rack. No more is needed.

The sound of Marco and his Shuker is perfectly recognizable, both as his style and because of his roundness, and forms the flagship of “The Samurai of Prog”.

All of his albums are published through

Steve Hoggart

Steve has been a professional musician/educator, for over the past 30 years working as both a musician and as a technician. His work has taken him all over touring.

His first Instrument is the Bass Guitar, over the years virtually every combination of bass has passed through his hands from 4, 5, 6, 7 string fretted and fretless. Piccolo and midi bass to behemoths such as 8 string (all separate Strings tuned F# B E A D G C F) and 5 string upright.

Past clients and projects live and studio include:

EMI, Sony, Sister Sledge, Gwar, The Hangmen, Carl Cox, Therapy, Gwar, Girlschool, Sweet Sanity, Castlegate Studios, Jonestown, Red, Norton Blue, Colin Patterson, Ron Angel, The Lovehearts, Damien Barber, Cut the Rug, The Amazing Spacefrogs, Xyster, Sam Brown, Hooligan X, Richard Mazda, The BBC, TV AM, The Wide Awake Club, Emile Ford, The Drifters, New Fads, Daisy Chainsaw, The Meteors, Engine, 10cc Management, Neocn, MCA, Onsala publishing, Warner Chappell, Richard Grainger, The Darklands Band, Ray Perry, Wolfsbane, James Taylor Quartet, Gill Scott Heron, Sub Sub, 808 State, M People, Kathy Sledge, Roger Sanchez, Buky Leo
Current projects include:
Abaddon featuring Tony Bray from Venom, Drrifft, Minxx, The Amazing Spacefrogs and loads of one-offs for a plethora of hardworking bands.

Joe Heaton – Aliases

Joe Heaton, Professional Bassist and Producer from Manchester, UK. Joe has been Playing bass for tech-metal outfit ALIASES since 2010 along with top UK guitarists Graham ‘Pin’ Pinney and Leah Woodward. Joe has toured all over Europe within the metal scene and shared stages with Meshuggah, Sikth, Monuments, Textures and many other bands within the modern metal scene.

When not playing live Joe works as a producer and live/studio engineer at venues across the UK.


Facebook-Jeo Haeton or ALIASES


youtube-{adress+joeheaton} (new domain coming soon)

Richie Blake

Richie Blake bass guitar
Inspired by his late grandfather, Richie first picked up a bass aged 15 and from that moment on he knew that it was going to guide and shape his career.

Now a full-time professional musician, Richie is proud to be at the top of the ‘who to call’ list for both artist and producer alike. His touch, feel and musical awareness are only some of the many reasons why he’s in such demand.

In recent years, Richie has also been involved with teaching bass and lecturing to students in performance at a local college. He loves nothing more than inspiring the players of tomorrow with his knowledge and experience and he’s very humbled to be an influence to them.

To date Richie has appeared on many studio albums, as well as countless other recordings that span a variety of musical genres.

His playing has taken him across Europe with various acts and he has had the pleasure of performing with Jamelia, Gary Moore, Beth Rowley, Lee Mead and Kasabian’s very own Ian Matthews to name but a few.

From hard rock to jazz – this boy’s got it covered!

John Porter

John has used Shuker basses exclusively for nearly two decades.

Based in Nottingham, he has worked freelance for 25 years, both at home and abroad in many different styles on double bass, Shuker custom 6 string fretted and fretless bass guitars.

He is known in the business as a ‘doubler’ which means he is called to use both double bass and electric bass on the same gig – switching between the two depending on the song or style of music as required.

His versatility, experience and expert sight reading skills allow him to play in many different styles from classical and jazz, big band, musical theatre, sessions, pop, funk, along with a particular fondness for the music of Brazil and Latin America.

Cruise ships, international tours – such as Rocky Horror Show in Germany, and backing artists as diverse as Bucks Fizz, Vic Damone, Jimmy James and Tony Christie to name only a few , gives you an idea of the level of work John has done over the years.

He has used his custom built Shuker bass guitars more recently on the 2016 tour of ‘Avenue Q’ and on the Fred Olsen ship ‘Balmoral’ with the lounge band ‘Mood Indigo’.

For more details, check out his website at

Tiernan Godel

“Tiernan is an outstanding professional bass guitarist with over 20 year of experience. Since graduating from the Guitar Institute in 1997 he has performed, recorded and collaborated with many artists and producers including YamWho (Ism Records), Hugh Padgham, Robert Strauss, Crispin J Glover, Ben Carrigan, Micky Simmonds, NYC disco band Odyssey, Tommy Ludgate, Sarah Grace, Killer Whale, Inner Groove, and Madeleine. He is experienced in writing, performing and recording most genres of contemporary popular music including rock, funk, soul, disco, folk, blues and jazz. He has also spent many hours working as a pit musician for a variety of musicals including ‘Moby Dick’, ‘Big Fish’, ‘Little Shop of Horrors’ and is currently bass player for the fantastic theatre show ‘Creeds Cross – The Celtic Journey’ amongst other projects. In addition, Tiernan has worked with Sample Magic to create a series of bass loop packs. The first project (now completed) is to compose, record, mix & produce 200+ ‘Disco and Funk’ bassline loops, fills and slides (check it here). This pack was released in Jan 2015. (Almost exclusively recorded with my Shuker 5 string set-neck Jazz bass)”
Website –
Tiernan Godel- Bassist in West London
“Tiernan is a highly professional and skilled bassist, with great groove and musicality. He prepares for sessions in a meticulous and thorough manner, and is always …
Tiernan Godel

Andy Dye – Fargo Railroad Company

Bass player with Sheffield based southern rockers The Fargo Railroad Co., Andy is very pleased to be playing Shuker basses. His first Shuker is a direct clone of his trusty ’78 Fender P (only with a few modern improvements behind the scenes) and she plays, sounds & looks stunning! …a second Shuker was then built and a third is underway as one is simply not enough…you gotta have a spare…and a fretless
La’Bella flatwound strings,
Line6 G50 wireless,
Boss tuner,
Bassic cables (,
Orange amplification,

Billy Budd – Beautiful Things

Beautiful Things is an ethereal pop-rock band out of Southern California with the essence of a singer-songwriter; described by critics and fans as having a “Dido meets Simple Minds” sound.

A mutual deep appreciation for alternative 80s rock brought the unlikely trio together, despite their diverse backgrounds. Singer and songwriter Dina D’Alessandro hails from Tucson, AZ, former Screams For Tina bass player/producer Grahame “Billy” Budd is from London, England, and keyboardist/guitarist Sean X grew up in both Los Angeles and Ensenada, Mexico. This shared admiration can be heard throughout their new EP, “Dream World Revisited.”

A musical experiment of sorts, “Dream World Revisited” is comprised of re-recorded songs. The original versions were previously released almost 10 years ago on the Beautiful Things debut album “Dream World” when D’Alessandro was solo. Now, joined by Budd and X, and with the help of veteran alternative rock producer/engineer Michael Rozon (Ministry, Melvins), Beautiful Things has breathed new life in to some of their favorite songs. The re-recorded tracks feature more electronic elements and a contemporary feel.

Classic alt-pop icons like Kate Bush and Gary Numan, as well as modern artists like Tamaryn, are influences heard throughout “Dream World Revisited,” but it’s D’Alessandro’s deeply personal lyrics that set Beautiful Things apart. Listen for yourself and discover why critics have called their music “pure pop-rock heaven.”

Richard Memmott – Pearson Memmott Conspiracy

A veteran of rock, blues and jazz funk in various Sheffield bands from the 80’s onwards including Double Life, Steppin’ Out and now with The Pearson Memmott Conspiracy, a new soft-prog all original band, which heavily features fretless bass. Richard uses Jon’s Artist fretless exclusively. Please visit the TPMC website for news of forthcoming releases and live appearances.

Paul Watson

I started playing bass in my teens with a borrowed hondo ric copy learning rush and yes songs as well as anything else that had an interesting bassline and spent many years playing in cover bands, a rock gospel band and various experimental prog outfits as well as many london jam nights.

After moving from london to lincolnshire in 2001 I became involved in the band project Lime Shark and recorded the album ‘The Money Clock’ and gigged with the band around the uk and europe.

After meeting jon at a bass convention and discussing my desires for a custom bass idea that had been evolving for a number of years based on my experience with extended range basses with five, six and seven strings my unique six stringed basses were made a reality.

They are a little nod to my biggest bass heroe Chris Squires rm1999 bass with the dreamey maple tops that are difficult to tell apart with passive circuitry and flat wide and very shallow necks that fit my hands like a dream come true.

I am currently playing for peterborough based band The Supercalas.

Look out for us causing chaos at a venue near you soon :)