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Luthier Services


Service & Set up

Here is a selection and pricing for some of the work we carry out. Please get in touch if you would like a quote or to enquire about repairs and other work that isn’t listed below. We offer maintenance and repairs to individuals and trade customers and servicing many shops and companies in the Midlands and North of England.

Set-up 1

£35 + strings
Adjustments as required / requested - action, intonation, truss rod, nut height

Set-up 2

£55 + strings
Adjustments as required / requested to – action, intonation, truss rod, nut height

Fingerboard clean, oil and fret polish

Set-up 3

£95 + strings
Adjustments as required / requested to – action, intonation, truss rod, nut height

Fret level, recrown and polish, fingerboard clean and oil

Services Setup 4

Nut & Saddle

Bone £50
Brass £60
Graphite £55
Acoustic Saddle £55
Graphtec saddle installation – £poa

Services Setup 5

Fret work

Refret Rosewood / ebony unbound £200
Refret Rosewood / Ebony bound £220
Refret Maple unbound (inc relacquer) £250
Refret Maple bound (inc relacquer) £275

All refrets include, board level, fret level / crown and setup

Serives Setup 6

Fretless work

Conversion – defret and line existing board £200
New fretless board £250
Epoxy / polyester board coat £200
Slot and fret existing fretless board from £275

Services Setup 7


pickup installation from £45
eq installation from £45
replace output jack £25
replace pot £25
rewire from £50
midi installation £poa

Services Setup 8

Routing / Machining

battery box rout £65
pickup rout from £65
Scratchplate from £75

Services Setup 9


Complete necks from £400
Complete bodies from £300
Body blanks from £50
Neck blanks from £50
Fingerboards slotted from £30

Evertune Bridge Installation


In short: EverTune is an all Mechanical bridge that uses a spring and a lever for each string to keep each string in tune once tuned. Each saddle pulls on each string with constant tension, naturally maintaining tune through all conditions, even changes in temperature, heavy bending, and squeezing chords too hard. EverTune is well suited for the live environment, the recording studio, and any time musicians want to put inspiration and playing above any thoughts about their guitars performance in any environment.
On the Evertune website there are vidoes and more indepth descriptions of how Evertune works and what it can do.


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